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Connecting Small Businesses in Lake Norman to the Power of Social Media


Say Goodbye to Social Media Stress and Hello to Success

A Flourish Social Co., we ignite the growth and creativity of businesses by growing authentic connections with their audiences through social media. We believe in the power of cultivating community that aligns your customer experience with your social media presence. With a dedication to excellence and a focus on collaboration, we partner closely with our clients to create a personalized experience and assist them in navigating the dynamic social media marking landscape. At Flourish Social Co., our commitment lies in growing your marketing strategies and flourishing your relationships, ensuring your success is sustainable in an ever-changing market place. Together, we flourish and create a path to impactful growth and meaningful connections.

We are ready to Flourish!

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Are we the right fit for you?

You lack social media expertise and can't keep up with the ever-changing algorithims to see results with your social media strategy. 

You desire a 1:1 personalized experience that aligns with your business goals and strategies that amplify your efforts in-house with social media, but don't know where to start. 

You are a small business with limited resources and budget to hire an in house Social Media Manager which make it hard to consistently create and publish high quality content.

Stop Struggling, Start Flourishing

Pour Yourself a Glass of Wine and Enjoy Being Unplugged


Your Social Media Strategy Starts with a Conversation

With our personalized 1:1 approach, we're here to guide you through the maze of social media platforms, helping you determine which ones align best with your unique business model. From crafting your profile to developing comprehensive strategies and ongoing maintenance, we're committed to providing a tailored experience that maximizes your presence on social media.

Navigate Your Marketing Goals with Authenticity

Emphasizing quality over quantity, Flourish Social Co. specializes in crafting bespoke strategies and solutions aimed at nurturing genuine and meaningful connections within the dynamic digital realm.


Joslynn Flowers, Founder

Joslynn is passionate about helping small businesses thrive within their community connecting the customer experience to the online community.


Social Media Management Packages

Elite Experience



  • Rebranding / Rebuilding of Social Media

  • Meta Community Engagement

  • Meta Ad (not including add spend)

  • Trending Audio Creation for Tik Tok & Reels posted weekly 

  • Pinterest Community Management

  • Content Creation

  • Weekly Custom Newsletter

  • Bi Monthly Meta Analytics

  • YouTube Shorts

  • Pre-Recorded Lives

  • Blog Ghostwriting

  • PR Communications if needed

  • Weekly On Site Content Creations

  • Comment Management 

  • 90-Day Commitment Followed by a Month to Month Plan

InstaBook Blend



  • Instagram Community Engagement

  • Facebook Community Engagement

  • Content Creation

  • Three Feed Posts Per Week 

  • Weekly Story Posts with Engagement

  • Engagement Tracking 

  • Monthly Meta Analytics

  • Comment Management 

  • 90-Day Commitment Followed by a Month to Month Plan




  • Instagram Community Engagement 

  • Content Creation 

  • Three Feed Posts Per Week 

  • Weekly Story Posts with Engagement

  • Engagement Tracking 

  • Monthly Analytics

  • Comment Management 

  • 90-Day Commitment Followed by a Month to Month Plan

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Social Media Add-Ons


Weekly Email Campaign with Custom Newsletter Template    ---$250

One Trending Audio Reel Per Week   --- $100

Meta Ad Setup   --- $100 + Monthly Ad Spend

Pre-Recorded Live Streams   ---$50 

Podcast Editing    --- $100 Per Hour Episode

Pinterest Management   --- $100

Blog Management   --- $100

One Trending Audio Tik Tok Per Week   --- $100

On Site Content Creation  ---$1000 

Social Media Setup --- $500

(for businesses who do not have a social media set up) 

YouTube Shorts   --- $150 


Reach out today to start flourishing on social media today!

Book your free consultation and let Flourish Social Co. handle your Instagram and Facebook strategy so you can focus on what you do best – running your business!

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