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Joslynn Flowers


"My focus is evolving, my focus is shifting towards the woman behind the title."

It was a long road of growth, challenge, and uncharted territories. The decision to move my family across the country from California to North Carolina was a leap of faith that sparked both excitement and turbulence. 

Amidst the chaos, I discovered a profound truth, I deserve happiness and moving was the first step in that. With a chart topping podcast, a thriving stepmom business and strong support from family and friends, much of my brand has centered around the journey of being a stepmom, this year marks a beautiful transition. This year the narrative shifts. 


Choosing to spotlight just Joslynn.

I’m still a stepmom, and I’ll continue offering coaching and support to those who seek it because that role is an integral part of who I am. However, my focus is evolving, my focus is shifting towards the woman behind the title and embracing entrepreneurship to its fullest. It’s time embrace my new path, and live a life that truly resonates with the core beyond The Daily Stepmom.

-Just Joslynn




gerund or present participle: coparenting

  1. sharing the duties of raising (a child), especially of parents who are separated or not in a relationship even when it doesn’t look like you imagined, feel like you imagined, or one does not act as you’d imagine.

— Joslynn Flowers


The woman behind it all!

I was born and raised in California in a small coastal town with big country-town vibes. I grew up in a single-family home and was raised by my mom, who killed it with the single-mom game. I am a natural born leader, and enneagram 3 with a massive heart for others. I love talking and have no problem being the center of attention, I am a Libra after all! I truly believe I have a unique perspective and while I know I am not everyone's "cup of joe" I know that the people that are meant to connect with me will find me and I will be the biggest cheerleader as I come along side for support and growth!


I am a certified coach, business owner, podcast creator and wine connoisseur. For me, this business isn't about all the hoop-la, it's about the 1:1 connection and being able to provide support. 

I love...

All things "SPA": massages, facials, etc! I used to be a Spa Director. 


I love to travel and have lived in some beautiful areas: San Diego, Key West and Hawaii (twice)!

WINE! WINE! WINE! Should I say it again? Wine! 

OH and Coffee too- I drink way too many cups in a day. 

I love sports: San Diego...I mean Los Angeles Chargers fan for life!




few more favs...

Charcuterie Boards

Rainy Days

Getting Lost in a Good Book


Meghan Markle 

RHONJ and being competitive.


Our experiences shape our perspective and, ultimately, our voice. You might find these topics and facts important while tuning in and learning what to expect.

Fulltime Stepmom to Three

"Ours" Baby

Christian/Re construction 

Move Away Orders

High Conflict Resolutions

Interracial Relationship


Working Relationship

Positive Approach


Custody Orders


Child Support 



I met my husband when my stepkids were 2, 4 and 5 and quickly assumed the stepmom role even without the title. My husband had majority custody at the time so most of our date nights were "family nights".  Fast forward to now and the kids are 8, 10 and 12 and we've added an "our baby" who is 3! We are ever learning and growing as a full time blended family.

Family Dinners

Dance Parties

Lake Days

Sports (Especially Football and Soccer) 

Making Homemade Pasta and Pizzas

Playing Cards

Family Walks

Disney! (Well the hubby isn't a fan but puts up with it for us!)


We L ove...


Real - Raw - Positive Support


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