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You Deserve Your Happy Ending as much as Everyone Else

Dear Stepmom,

The stepmom life isn’t for the faint of heart, am I right? Being a stepmom has its challenges and believe me when I say I have dealt with many difficulties over the years and I know your love, support, and dedication to your family should not go unnoticed. So let me start by acknowledging you and appreciating the critical role you play in the lives of your stepchildren and your spouse.

Chances are you didn’t grow up thinking, “I can’t wait to be a stepmom!” Yet here you are and there’s an even greater chance you are stressed, overwhelmed, and feeling like no one quite understands you. Well, I do stepmom, and I think your role in your family's lives should be celebrated after all focusing on the negative, and never made a positive impact, and that’s why you are here, right? Positive direction for the overwhelmed stepmom!

With Support, Joslynn



You want real honest conversation, feedback, and support. 

You are open to learning new concepts and seeking perspective for the benefit of your stepkids. 

You believe in creating a healthy and functioning co-parenting relationship.

A Private Community

The Daily Stepmom 

Let's be honest - no one really gets a stepmom like a stepmom. At the beginning of my journey, my friends texts were left on read with no response. I was overwhelmed, tired and felt like no one understood my struggle of sharing a family with another woman; sound familiar? My mental health declined, and I was depressed while navigating my role without a community that understood my perspective. I knew I couldn't be the only stepmom feeling the weight of the pressure. I knew there was a REAL need for community, connection and a safe place to process and grow. A community of stepmoms, just like you searching for a safe environment to share the hard truths with the willingness for growth and positivity. 


“As a fellow stepmom, it is so nice to have someone speak openly and honestly about the struggles and joys of being a stepparent. Joslynn makes you feel like you’re listening to a friend who makes you feel validated and inspired!”


The Daily Stepmom

The Woman Behind the Brand

As a stepmom, I have experienced many struggles with being a stepmom and the blending of a family. Feeling overwhelmed, misunderstood, and lonely in my role, I began seeking a way to turn my stepmom experience from a negative to a positive co-parenting experience. My experience started in dealing with many high-conflict situations and multiple custody battles, ultimately ending with a CWS situation granting my husband full physical and legal custody. A journey that almost broke me - to finally finding my place as a full-time stepmom. Fast forward, I have created a healthy working co-parent relationship with my stepkid's mom. 

I am honest and passionate in my pursuit to help other stepmoms do the same while creating healthy boundaries. Turning my challenges into triumphs, I created and host a chart-topping podcast called The Daily Stepmom Podcast. There I share my journey and how to not just survive but thrive in your role as a stepmom! I couldn't stop there and have continued developing a community of support and resources, launching The Stepmom Collective. A private community hosted on our app with ongoing support, resources, live coaching, community, and more! I wholeheartedly invite you to join us; you belong here!





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The Daily Stepmom Podcast

The stepmom life is not for the faint of heart, and if I have realized anything, it's that we need each other to lean on and learn from. 

The Daily Stepmom is a weekly podcast where I talk openly and honestly about blended families, thriving in marriage, stepkid struggles, adding in an "ours" baby, and this thing I call "Co-parenting-ish." 

I am a Certified Stepparent Coach, and my goal is for every stepmom to find her voice and her place, and ultimately find the peace and satisfaction she deserves. 

New Episodes

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gerund or present participle: coparenting

  1. sharing the duties of raising (a child), especially of parents who are separated or not in a relationship even when it doesn’t look like you imagined, feel like you imagined, or one does not act as you’d imagine.

— Joslynn Flowers


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You Belong Here!

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