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Real & Raw Support for the Stepmom 

Private Community Dedicated to Support Your Journey

Your Stepmom Community at Your Fingerstips

It's important to seek support from family, friends, but what if they just don't understand your struggle? Or their advice while trying to be helpful keeps creating more unnecessary drama?


My passion has always been to help Stepmoms go from feeling overwhelmed, lonely, and frustrated to feeling connected and supported in a private community and maintain confident in their role while creating structure and routine in their homes. 

I have been through alot, maybe not EVERYTHING (thank goodness) but enough to help you whether it's dealing with a Custody Agreement, Court, High Conflict situations or perhaps a move away. You don't have to go at it alone. Created for Stepmoms by a fellow Stepmom who gets it, an intimate private community where I can provide you with support, feedback, and resources.

We are waiting for you! Join us today!


Are we the right fit for you?

Are you wanting a Stepmom who gets it, who has been through it before?

Are you open to hearing the truth even if it stings at bit?

Are you eager to improve your relationships with your Stepkids, Spouse and the most important, yourSELF

You ARE ready for growth and want to manage your stress and emotions!

Support is right here!

What Stepmoms are Saying

“Joslynn is incredibly open and honest about many topics and situations that take place in a blended family. I really love her honesty and how she isn’t afraid to bring up real-life situations and gives you honest advice on how to handle these situations. I’ve been a stepmom for over 5 years and have recently found myself struggling more than ever. I did a 6-week step-parenting course, it not only helped me to be a better stepmom, but also a better human. Thank you Joslynn step parenting is not for the weak and getting a refresher course reminds you of that and how strong us stepmoms really are.”

- JE

“Thank you, Thank you! I can’t begin to say how helpful you have been during this time. I appreciate your flexibility to be here for me when I needed you most! The ease of E-coaching is unlike any other. You are a lifesaver, and your podcast is my favorite!"


- LP

“Thank you again so much. I was feeling so alone and frustrated, and The Stepmom Collective really helped me feel part of a community. It was such a great place to relate to other stepmoms and not feel so helpless on my journey. I am so grateful for what I have taken from it, most importantly to me the feeling that I get to be myself again in my new crazy family. My situation was quickly becoming “I need all the help I can get,” and you and the other stepmoms gave me exactly that!”


Pour Yourself a Glass of Wine and Get Ready to be Heard


The Daily Stepmom, Co-Parenting-ish 

We understand that each blended family is unique and there isn't a "one size fits all" method when referring to support. That is why if I haven't been through it, I can put you in touch with someone who can! I get we all need support at different stages of our stepmom journey and my goal is to provide immediate support.


Cheaper ThanStarbucks!


  • Live Video Coaching + Interactive Q&A

  • Exclusive Podcasts + Content (Topics and insights you won't get on Instagram)

  • Stepmom Collective Merch at a discount

  • Interactive Support 

Created for Stepmoms by Stepmoms


Meet Joslynn Flowers

Joslynn is passionate about helping others and revealing the real and raw through education and open communication. 


"I had no idea where this journey would bring me, but I knew helping others was my passion. After a recent round of Court, Mediation, Litigation, Lies and many tears shed I needed to reevaluate what I was doing. How was I helping when I myself felt like I was walking through the muck. Feeling like every post, photo, video and podcast was being used against me (IYKYK) I decided to create a space with a subscription based community where I can not only help other stepmoms...but be free to be me.

As a certified life coach, speaker and chart topping Podcast host I feel like I know a thing or two. Having the support and encouragement of one another is priceless and can make all the difference in your journey."



Connecting Stepmoms to Community



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